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000096194 245__ $$aThe quality turn in South Africa: insights from a comprehensive investigation into the food quality behaviours, perceptions and knowledge of South African consumers with a focus on middle and upper socioeconomic groups
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000096194 520__ $$aInternationally, alternative food quality movements have given rise to a quality turn from the
mass consumption model toward an increasing qualitative differentiation of products and demand
(Allaire, 2002). While food quality trends and their implications have been widely analyzed
internationally, little has been written on the local quality dynamics in South Africa, a country with
clear dualistic socio-economic features. This paper aims to contribute to the understanding of South
African consumers’ present food quality evaluation with a specific focus on ‘conventional’ and
‘advanced’ quality attributes associated with fresh food produce (fruit / vegetable and meat).
Primary data was collected during 2009 through an extensive nationally representative consumer
survey (n=420) (LSM 7 – 10), preceded by focus groups and retailer observations of actual quality
claims on fresh food labels. Statistical analysis involved descriptive and comparative analyses and Kmeans
cluster analysis in SPSS 17.0.
The paper substantiates the fact that when selecting food purchase outlets and fresh food products,
South African consumers largely apply ‘conventional’ quality and convenience considerations (e.g.
appearance, taste). Even though ‘advanced’ / credence attributes (e.g. animal welfare, environmental
practices, safety) are generally less important the results also demonstrate that they already have a
relatively significant foothold in the local market, being more established for higher LSM groups in
particular and suggesting potential opportunity for market growth.. The complexity of consumers’
behaviours and evaluation towards advanced food quality issues is also pointed out. Implications
surrounding guaranteeing bodies and small-scale farmers’ market access are also addressed, as well as
study limitations and recommendations for future research.
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