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000096050 245__ $$aProblems and Countermeasures of Logistics in the Marine Fisheries Industry
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000096050 520__ $$aBased on the connotation of marine fisheries logistics, the thesis give a brief account of its features: firstly, it is more susceptible to natural conditions; secondly, the aquatic logistics is with strong specialized assets; thirdly, the aquatic products market has relative greater uncertainties; fourthly, it calls for higher logistics technology; fifthly, it is difficult to conduct supply chain management. Then the thesis analyzes the problems in the marine fisheries industry: the first problem is the imperfect standardization system of the aquatic logistics; the second is the backward development in the cold storage of the marine fisheries; the third is low information-based degree of marine fisheries logistics system; the fourth one is the low level of the value-added services; the fifth problem is the immature participants in logistics. In order to solve these problems, this thesis further proposes some countermeasure to develop the logistics in the marine fisheries industry: at first, to build various forms of logistics organization entities; secondly, to gradually realize the integration of logistics functions and performance; thirdly, to strengthen the information construction of marine fisheries logistics; at last, to reinforce the government roles in developing the logistics industry of aquatic products.
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