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000095972 245__ $$aWho are the Real Gainers of Trade Liberalization in Kenya's Maize Sector?
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000095972 520__ $$aIn Kenya, trade policy reforms in the cereals sector were initiated as a key component
of the economy-wide structural adjustment programmes (SAPs) during the mid 1980s.
The SAPs were later strengthened and made irreversible by Kenya’s commitments at
the multilateral trade negotiations. However, the welfare effects of these trade policy
reforms remain controversial. This paper to quantifies the market and welfare impacts
of trade liberalization in Kenya’s maize sector using a partial equilibrium model with
market interrelationships at the farm, wholesale and retail levels. The model is
calibrated to simulate a 24 percent reduction in maize import tariffs and a complete
abolition of tariffs. The simulations results suggest that tariff reductions yield price
decreases across the three market levels. The declining prices increase maize
consumption but reduce domestic production. Consequently, consumer surplus
increases while producer surplus decreases. However, the gain in consumer surplus is
not sufficient to compensate the loss in producer surplus. Thus, the implementation of
the multilateral agricultural trade agreement is likely to leave Kenya’s maize sector
worse off and cannot be considered as a viable policy based on the compensation
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