Perception paysanne et adoption des biopesticides et/ou extraits botaniques en production maraîchère au Bénin

The importance of farmers’ perceptions of characteristics on agricultural innovation adoption has increased these two decades. Empirical studies revealed that in addition to farmers’ socioeconomic characteristics and institutional factors, farmers’ perceptions of the innovation-specific characteristics are particularly important in determining whether or not to adopt them. This study assessed vegetables farmers’ perceptions of botanical extracts and biopesticides compared with current chemical pesticides. It also examined the relationship between farmers’ perceptions and the adoption of botanical extracts and biopesticides. Data were collected from a stratified randomly sample of 198 vegetables farmers selected in vegetable producing zones in Benin and interviewed for their use and perceptions on the efficiency of the botanical extracts and biopesticides on the pests and diseases they faced. The paper used on the one hand the ordered probit to identify factors that are likely to affect farmers’ perceptions and on the other hand the selection model to estimate the impact of these perceptions on botanical extracts and biopesticides adoption. Results indicated that botanical extracts and biopesticides were perceived by farmers to have slow action, require more labor and skill for the extraction and require many sprays. Empirical results from the ordered probit showed that farmers’ perceptions of botanical extracts and biopesticides varied according to their experience in vegetables production, education level, contact with extension agents and researchers as well as gender. The results from the selection model indicate that farmers’ perceptions have currently a negative and significant impact of vegetables on botanical extracts and biopesticides adoption.

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Farmers’ perception and agricultural technology adoption. The case of botanical extracts and biopesticides in vegetable production in Benin
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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