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000095216 520__ $$aIn recent times, the search for a new relationship with nature, of quality and safety of foodstuffs and in particular the need for “identity”, of characterizing places as bearers of values and traditions have led an increasing number of people to see rural areas as places of values, resources, culture and products to discover and enjoy. Agriculture has taken on a multifunctional role and link with tourism is required to protect and exploit its “historical” resources (heritage) as a tool of interconnection between local products, countryside, traditions, cultural values but also to place emphasis of the territory and communicate it. The aim of paper is the role assumed today by firms regarding both the primary activity and other services, in particular those that express and support rural tourism. The objective is to assess the relationship between the company image, the entrepreneurial behavior built according to values, “typical” signs, historical resources of the rural world and the spin-offs on the territory. The research will be carried out by making specific reference to Calabria, a representative region of the Mediterranean area. Here, case-studies will be considered in sample areas where tourism and agriculture are integrated, with specific reference to vineyards and wine-making firms, is part of specific rural development strategies and initiatives. Therefore, we intend to highlight the important role of heritage and heritage marketing in order to privilege the competitive advantage that it can have for the company. The finding suggest the utility for rural tourism development: the heritage, which is often well preserved in rural areas is a valuable resource to integrate with management providing useful help as a vehicle for economic benefits also for a territory.
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