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000094584 245__ $$aConsumer behavior towards show-room services of two wheelers with reference to Cuddalore district
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000094584 520__ $$aThe study aims to find out the consumer behavior towards showroom service of two wheelers. A samples of 200 users selected randomly were studied. Standardized questionnaires were used to collect the data. The results reveal that users differ in consumer behaviour towards showroom services of two wheelers on the basis of satisfied random sampling. This study is made to describe the consumer satisfaction of two wheelers with respect to socio-economic characteristics as age, gender, occupation, family income, educational level and so on which is called descriptive study. The data were treated statistically using t-test, F-test and correlation. The result shows that students and employees are more satisfied about show room services. Demographic variables such as marital status, size of the family give significant effect related to show room services.
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