Systematic Analysis and Optimization of the Agricultural Structure in Ethnic Regions in Northwest Sichuan Province

Based on introducing the basic conditions of the ethnic regions in northwest Sichuan Province, the thesis analyzes its agricultural development status, which can be classified into two aspects ---rich natural resources and slow agricultural economic growth. Through the analysis of the agricultural structure of northwest Sichuan Province, it is found that the production efficiency and economic benefits of crop planting in this region are low, animal husbandry, as a major industry in pastoral region, sees high production efficiency, the agricultural production is still at the resource-oriented stage; its agricultural structure is still the farming-pastoral structure relying mainly on animal husbandry, planting is dominated by crop planting and potato planting, animal husbandry mainly produces dairy and beef; the ethnic regions in northwest Sichuan Province is endowed with the advantages to grow crops, beans and fruits as well as to produce beef, mutton and milk, among which, three industries, say fruit, beef and dairy are with increasing location quotient and gradually strengthening industrial comparative advantage, while the location quotient of the other industries is declining and their industrial comparative advantages are more stable. In order to promote the agriculture in northwest Sichuan Province to develop in breadth and depth, the thesis proposes the following measures and suggestions: the first one is to adhere to the development strategy of modern animal husbandry; the second is to appropriately improve the proportion of economic crops; the third is to accelerate the development of green food processing industry.

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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 02, Issue 05
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