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000008654 245__ $$aCosts and Returns for Apples and Pears at Batlow - 1944/45 and 1945/46
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000008654 520__ $$aIn an attempt to determine the lost of production of apples and pears in the Batlow district, several orchardists in the district kept detailed records of time, labour and materials used in the production of their fruit during the seasons 1944-45 and 1945-46. Results for the first year for nine farms have already been published and results for the following season, together with a comparison of costs for two years, are set out in this article. For the 1945-46 season seven of the original nine farmers continued to participate in the scheme. 
It is not proposed to describe the method used in recording and analysing the production costs. A description and discussion of the method used appears in detail in the article referred to above. Results for the 1945-46 season have been calculated on a similar basis with one exception. Cost of cases used in harvesting and transporting the fruit to the Packing House has been calculated on a different basis, which is described later. For comparison of the two years, cost figures for 1944-45 have been adjusted.
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