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000006524 245__ $$aDemand Analysis for Shrimp in the United States
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000006524 520__ $$aThis paper analyzes the demand for shrimp along with beef, pork, and chicken in the US food market, which contributes much to predicting supply strategies, consumer preferences and policy making.  It focuses on the own and cross relationship between the expenditure share and price, income changes.  An Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDs) model and two alternative specifications are used to estimate a system of expenditure share equations for shrimp, beef, pork, and chicken.  Empirical results indicated that some insignificant slope coefficients and inappropriate signs of them did not comply with microeconomic theory. This could be caused by heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation, a limitation in the data used, or shrimp is a commodity that is quite different.
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000006524 6531_ $$aAlmost Ideal Demand System (AIDs)
000006524 6531_ $$aheteroscedasticity
000006524 6531_ $$aand autocorrelation
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