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000006124 520__ $$aFollowing the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations Canada replaced its import quotas on sensitive products with tariff rate quotas. The over-quota tariffs on those products operating under domestic supply management schemes (dairy and poultry products) ranged from a low of 155 percent on turkey to a high of 299 percent on butter. These tariffs have effectively blocked over quota imports and are likely to continue to prevent imports, under most market conditions, given the likely range of tariff cuts proposed for sensitive products following a successful completion of the Doha Round. However, it’s argued that tariff cuts in the post-Doha Round will severely limit Canada’s ability to restrict imports and it is important to use the next 15 years to better position the supply managed industries to compete at that time. The paper reviews a number of reform options that could be pursued ranging from a full buy-out of current marketing quotas, the introduction of two types of marketing quota, to providing partial compensation of short-term income losses. The advantages and disadvantages of each option are discussed with respect to their costs and impacts on income and asset values.
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