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000061198 245__ $$aO mercado de carne bovina no Brasil: os efeitos da eliminação das barreiras tarifárias e não-tarifárias
000061198 246__ $$aThe beef market in Brazil: the effects of the elimination of tariff and nontariff
000061198 260__ $$c2008-12-30
000061198 269__ $$a2008-12-30
000061198 270__ $$mreisolibender@yahoo.com.br$$pBender Filho,   Reisoli
000061198 270__ $$maugusto.alvim@pucrs.br$$pAlvim,   Augusto Mussi
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000061198 336__ $$aJournal Article
000061198 490__ $$aVolume 46
000061198 490__ $$aNumber 04
000061198 520__ $$aThis paper analyses the possible impacts of tariffs and nontariffs barriers elimination on beef market in Brazil. To evaluate the effects of free trade is used a spatial model formulated as Mixed Complementary Problem (MCP). We simulate four sceneries to achieve this purpose : the first simulates the elimination of all trade barriers in a multilateral scope; the second simulates the free trade area creation between Mercosur and EU countries. The third simulates the free trade area formation between the America countries (FTAA); and the fourth considers the elimination of Foot and Mouth Disease in Mercosur countries. In the beef market it is not enough eliminate the tariffs barriers to stimulate the beef production and exportation in Brazil. The major gains occurs in sceneries where is eliminated the non-tariffs barriers.
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000061198 6531_ $$atrade agreements
000061198 6531_ $$anon-tariffs barriers.
000061198 700__ $$aBender Filho, Reisoli
000061198 700__ $$aAlvim, Augusto Mussi
000061198 773__ $$dDecember 2008$$j 46$$k 4$$o1154$$q1129$$tBrazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural-RESR)
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