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000060716 246__ $$aRelevant factors in the birth and growth of business networks in the agricultural sector
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000060716 520__ $$aThis paper discusses the conditions of birth and growth of business networks in the veterinary drugs sector based on Brazilian
examples examined by the authors. The beginnings of business networks are approached from two paradigms, one advocating the idea
that the birth and growth of networks depend on some variables’ historical processes which define social networks, such as trust,
cooperation and commitment, and another postulating that these attributes are not necessary for the formation of networks, it being
sufficient to have only consistent economic expectations and a proper agreement. The aim of this paper was to assess which of the
two network paradigms (the social paradigm and the business paradigm) best explains the birth of two networks in the veterinary
drugs sector. An exploratory study was conducted, using the case study methodology, to collect and analyze information from these
two types of network. The analyses of the two starting networks (one a failure and the other a case of initial success) confirm the
importance of trust, cooperation and commitment in relationships. The final discussion indicates some theoretical and managerial
paths that can be followed in social networks as a backdrop for business networks in the agricultural sector.
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