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000005986 245__ $$aA Multiple Criteria Decision System to Improve Performance of Federal Conservation Programs
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000005986 520__ $$aThe Environmental Quality Incentives Program and other voluntary Federal
conservation programs follow a similar approach for enrollment. Consistent with the
legislation, agency personnel identify eligibility criteria, suitable conservation
practices, and a process to score, rank, and select applications for funding. Our
research outlines a formal multiple criteria decision analysis system that is broadly
applicable to current Federal conservation programs to score, rank, and enroll
applications, and distribute program funds. Then, we apply the decision system to
Indiana’s EQIP program using data from 2005. The incorporation of GLEAMS model
improved our estimates of water quality impacts by reintroducing the spatial
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000005986 6531_ $$aFederal Conservation Programs
000005986 6531_ $$aEnvironmental Quality Incentives Program
000005986 6531_ $$aGLEAMS
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