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000058708 245__ $$aRisk Analysis in Selected European and International Food Chains
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000058708 520__ $$aThe purpose of this study is to assess and evaluate the most important risks in selected European
and international food chains from the perspective of the buying company. The primary objective
is to identify the “non-acceptable” risks in terms of damage potential and likelihood of occurrence
of value chains in the sectors grain, meat, fruit and vegetable, and olive oil. Data was
collected by each partner of the European research project “e-trust” (FP6-CT-2006-043056) by
conducting 81 qualitative expert interviews with business leaders in Europe (Austria, Germany,
Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain) as well as in Brazil, Turkey, and the USA. The study focuses on
a wider supply chain or network perspective for the risk assessment. Methodically the assessed
risks were classified and then evaluated using a risk map matrix. Results point out nonacceptable
risks and show the differences concerning the risk evaluation in the different value
chains. Results provide interesting supply chain management approaches in these sectors.
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