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000058449 245__ $$aA bio-economic evaluation of the American Foulbrood (AFB) control program in Western Australia
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000058449 520__ $$aAmerican foulbrood (AFB) is considered the most significant brood disease of bees in Western Australia. The Department of Agriculture of Western Australia (DAWA) provides assistance to apiarists by way of quarantine and surveillance measures under the AFB control program. A bio-economic evaluation was considered necessary by the department for setting future policy direction. As a way forward, a number of risk analysis scenarios were simulated to estimate the future prevalence rate of AFB in the absence of the present program. This epidemiological investigation was complemented by an economic evaluation which identifies the extent of benefit that flows through to direct beneficiaries. The paper provides a comprehensive bio-economic analysis and suggests future policy direction in accordance with Centre for International Economic (CIE) guidelines for animal health issues
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