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000057805 245__ $$aThe Resource Curse: A State and Provincial Analysis
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000057805 520__ $$aA puzzling piece of empirical evidence suggests that countries rich in natural resources
tend to have dismal economic performance. This paradigm has come to be known as the
“resource curse”. This paper deals with the role of institutional quality in explaining the
transmission mechanism of the resource curse. I attempt to explain this phenomenon by
using the index of economic freedom developed by the Fraser Institute as a proxy for the
quality of institutions. The outcomes of the linear and non-linear interactions between
resource abundance and institutional quality turn out to be the key elements that
determine the intensity, if existent, or otherwise of the resource curse. Rather than look at
cross country data like many others, I focus on the 10 provinces and 50 states in Canada
and the US respectively over the 2000-2005 period.
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