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000057747 245__ $$aDimensions and Determinants of Peoples’ Participation in Watershed Development Programmes in Rajasthan
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000057747 520__ $$aPeoples’ participation has been at the centre-stage of the resource
conservation and rural development efforts in the developing countries.
The study on peoples’ participation in watershed development
programmes in Rajasthan has revealed that a very low proportion of
beneficiaries is contributing at different stages of the programme in terms
of either labour or finances or both. The determinants of participation
have been identified using Tobit regression. The institutional effectiveness
has been found as the key factor towards guaranteeing involvement of
people in the watershed programmes. The other factors positively related
with peoples’ participation are training of farmers, age, and frequency of
the visit of extension workers. A negative relationship has been found
between participation and off-farm income. Therefore, efforts should be
made for developing effective local institutions, capacity building through
training of farmers and providing off-farm employment opportunities in
the countryside itself for safeguarding the livelihoods of people in the
rainfed areas.
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