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000057413 245__ $$aIndian Finfish Exports – An Analysis of Export Performance and Revealed Comparative Advantage
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000057413 520__ $$aThe export of finfish from India has been rising over the past few years and in 2006-07 it contributed almost
44 per cent of the total marine products exported from the country in quantity terms. However in value
terms its contribution is only 16 per cent, indicating low unit value realization of the products. This paper
has analysed the export performance and has studied the revealed comparative advantage of finfish export
from India for the period 2001 to 2005. The finfish exports from India have not revealed any comparative
advantage among the total marine products export in the period of study. The paper has suggested reviewing
of the policy of finfish export, with a shift in emphasis to export of only high-value finfish and value-added
low-value finfish.
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