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000056797 245__ $$aDeterminantes do uso de mercados futuros pelos produtores de soja no município de Cascavel - PR
000056797 246__ $$aDeterminants of the use of futures markets for soybean producers in Cascavel - PR
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000056797 270__ $$mdanilo@ufv.br$$pAguiar,   Danilo R.D.
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000056797 520__ $$aThis study compares the producers who use future markets with those that don’t use this strategy to figure out the principal characteristics that differentiate them. Moreover there were studied the methods and strategies that farmers use for reducing
price risk of soybeans. Besides identifying the strategies adopted by the producers,
they were identified the key factors related to the choice of futures markets strategies.
The methodological approach adopted is based on the estimate of a logit model. Based
on the results, it is verified that the variables “education”, “gross income” and “work out of the property” were decisive on the use of in the adoption of futures markets.
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