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000056735 245__ $$aEfeitos da imposição de barreiras técnicas e fitossanitárias nas exportações brasileiras de mamão
000056735 246__ $$aEffects of imposing technical barriers and phytosanitary measures in Brazilian exports of papaya
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000056735 270__ $$mrnfaria@esalq.usp.br$$pFaria,   Rosane Nunes de
000056735 270__ $$mvslirio@ufv.br$$pLirio,   Viviani Silva
000056735 270__ $$modasilva@ufv.br$$pSilva,   Orlando Monteiro da
000056735 270__ $$mjelima@ufv.br$$pLima,   Joao Eustaquio de
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000056735 336__ $$aJournal Article
000056735 520__ $$aThe main objective of this paper was to identify technical and sanitary
requirements that could be qualified as export barriers for the Brazilian papaya and to quantify their effects on the volume exported to the United States of America. The
methodology consisted of both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Qualitative
information collected by means of interviews with producers and exporters were analyzed
with the use of frequencies and descriptive statistics. A time series model of transfer
function was estimated to analyze the impact of technical and sanitary barriers upon
Brazilian papaya exports. Through the qualitative analysis it was possible to identify five technical and sanitary requirements that could be qualified as export barriers. Due to the lack of appropriate time series data, only two of them were subject to quantitative
investigation. It was concluded that the Brazilian papaya exports have been negatively
affected by these barriers and that this could be discussed bilaterally with the United States in the regular meetings of the Technical and Sanitary Barriers Committee.
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000056735 6531_ $$aTechnical barriers
000056735 6531_ $$aSanitary requirements
000056735 6531_ $$aPapaya
000056735 6531_ $$aTransfer function model
000056735 700__ $$aFaria, Rosane Nunes de
000056735 700__ $$aLirio, Viviani Silva
000056735 700__ $$aSilva, Orlando Monteiro da
000056735 700__ $$aLima, Joao Eustaquio de
000056735 773__ $$d2005$$jVolume 03$$kNumber 2$$o172$$q151$$tRevista de Economia e Agronegócio / Brazilian Review of Economics and Agribusiness
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