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000055971 245__ $$aThe Decision to Direct Market: An Analysis of Small Fruit and Specialty-Product Markets in Virginia
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000055971 520__ $$aFarmers are increasingly interested in high-value alternatives to commodity production. Direct marketing is a potentially
attractive marketing alternative, having been shown to offer increased net incomes to farmers. Nevertheless, there is a
dearth of literature on the determinants of the decision to direct market. This paper uses an ordered logit regression to
analyze how farm size, the importance of high-value crops, organic production, experience, and demographic factors
affect a producer’s reliance on direct markets. The results show that farm size, high-value crop production, non-certified
organic production methods, and household size are determinants of the share of total farm output sold through
direct marketing outlets.
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000055971 773__ $$dJuly 2008$$jVolume 39$$kNumber 2$$o11$$q1$$tJournal of Food Distribution Research
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