Study on Ecological Compensation System and Land Desertification Control

The problems of desertification control in China are analyzed from the perspective of ecological compensation. Firstly, there is no guarantee of ecological compensation system in desertification control. On the basis of knowing land desertification connotation, the western region is taken as an example to analyze the serious consequence brought by land desertification, besides, the connotation and importance of ecological compensation are summarized, as well as the views related to resolve the benefit compensation of ecological environment in the world are introduced. The ecological compensation is mainly based on the compensation theory of public goods and the value theory of ecological environment, besides, it emphasizes using tax to realize internalization of resources external benefit. Secondly, lack of current ecological compensation system caused the low enthusiasm of people to take part in land desertification control, besides; the current relevant regulations of ecological benefit compensation in China are introduced. At present, the systematic and complete management method and relevant regulations related to ecological compensation of land desertification control have not been published yet, so the interest of governing subject is hard to be protected and the enthusiasm of controlling land desertification in forest and farm is seriously damaged. Based on this view, it is proposed that the desertification control should closely be combined with local economic development to construct the long-term mechanism for mutually promoting desertification control and economic development. Finally, some suggestions of constructing ecological compensation system in the process of controlling desertification are explored. Firstly, scientific development view is taken as guidance to enhance the strength of ecological compensation legislation; Secondly, the ecological compensation mechanism is carried out approaches innovation; Thirdly, policy innovation of ecological compensation mechanism is realized; Fourthly, the law of China for desert defense and control is modified and the concrete regulations of ecological compensation is added to make the legalization and embodiment of encouraging measures for land desertification control.

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Jul 20 2009
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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 01, Issue 07
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