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000051268 245__ $$aAgricultural Import Demand in Low-Income, Middle-Income, and Centrally Planned Economies
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000051268 520__ $$aThis report provides summaries of the papers and discussions at
the third Consortium on Trade Research held in Washington, D.C.,
June 23-24, 1981. The cochairmen of the consortium were
T. Kelley White, Economic Research Service (ERS), George E.
Rossmiller, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), and Vernon
Sorenson, Michigan State University.
The Consortium focused on world demand for agricultural imports
and the policies and conditions in low-income, middle-income,
and centrally planned countries that influence import demand.
An overview paper by Dewain Rahe and Cheryl Christensen assessed
future global prospects for agricultural trade. Peter Timmer's
paper investigated conceptual and empirical problems in analyzing
import demand. Three of the papers discussed the demand
for food and agricultural products in the Soviet Union and
China. Three additional papers focused on factors affecting
import demand in low- and middle-income countries. A final set
of papers examined the role of bilateral agreements and stockholding
policies in agricultural trade.
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