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000047881 245__ $$aFarmers' perception on risks in fruits and vegetables production: an empirical study of Uttar Pradesh
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000047881 520__ $$aThe perceptions of farmers about risks in production of fruits and vegetables have been analysed
using structured survey method. The study is based on the survey of a total of 634 farmers, comprising
188 fruit farmers and 446 vegetable farmers, covering six districts of Uttar Pradesh, namely, Lucknow,
Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Moradabad, Jhansi and Agra. The perceived priorities of farmers about major
sources of risks in production of fruits and vegetables have been reported under ‘investment risks’,
‘socio-economic risks’, ‘environmental risks’, ‘production risks’ and ‘market risks’. In general, the
price and production risks have been perceived as the most important sources of risk in production of
fruits and vegetables in the area. The study has argued that public intervention can facilitate better
risk management through improved information system, development of financial markets and
promotion of market-based price and yield insurance schemes, thus ensuring that the marginal farmers
are able to benefit from these interventions as well as participate in the emerging systems.
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