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000045849 245__ $$aEconomic Effects of Bovine Respiratory Disease on Feedlot Cattle during Backgrounding and Finishing Phases
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000045849 520__ $$aThis research examines the economic effects of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) on backgrounding and finishing phases of cattle production.  This research measures the effectiveness of using serum haptoglobin (Hp) concentration to predict BRD occurrence and the impact of multiple treatments for BRD infection on cattle performance and returns.  During the backgrounding phase, 222 heifers were grouped by Hp level. After the backgrounding phase, 193 heifers were then grouped by number of BRD treatments in the finishing phase.  Net returns decreased in the backgrounding phase and the combined phases as the number of BRD treatments increased. Hp concentrations had no significant effects on net returns.
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