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000044868 520__ $$aThis paper aims at analysing the recent CAP reform from the perspective of the
current general and strategic objectives of the EU as defined by the Lisbon Strategy. A critical
appraisal of the CAP impact in terms of regional growth is carried out. Firstly from a strictly
conceptual and methodological point of view, then by analysing more in detail how CAP
reform (of both Pillar I and II) might have actually affected the role of the CAP in promoting
(or hindering) regional growth and, therefore, convergence. Empirical evidence provided by
the different available methodologies has progressively emerged in the very last years.
Though a conclusive answer on the impact of the reform can not be drawn, it still emerges
that the role of CAP design and implementation in affecting regional growth and convergence
is usually underestimated and often neglected in the discussions about the future of the CAP.
At the same time, however, this role is not univocal and strongly case-specific, as it
substantially differs across regions according to their socio-economic structure and how
reforms are jointly implemented.
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