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000044375 245__ $$aLand and Happiness: Land Distribution and Subjective Well-Being in Moldova
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000044375 520__ $$aThe distribution of land rights is a very important economic and political issue, and it
played a central role in the transition processes  in Europe and Asia. This paper
analyzes the impact of the distribution of land on household welfare by using
subjective well-being (SWB) data from a rural household survey in Moldova, the
poorest country in Europe. The recent land reform in Moldova provides a natural
experiment on the impact of land ownership distribution on SWB. We find that
household land holdings have a positive effect on SWB but neighbours’ average
land holdings have a negative effect on SWB. People, regardless of the land
distribution and even given the relatively low living standards of these households,
rate their welfare by looking at how much other people possess. The findings of the
paper have more general implications as it is one of the first attempts to measure the
impact of wealth, rather than income, on SWB.
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