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000044352 245__ $$aBridging, Linking, and Bonding Social Capital in Collective Action: The Case of Kalahan Forest Reserve in the Philippines
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000044352 520__ $$aThis paper seeks to identify the factors which are responsible for successful
management of natural resources when communities are given opportunities to
manage those resources. Applying the social capital framework, it analyzes
empirical data from the well known case of Kalahan Educational Foundation, the
Philippines. The study confirms previous findings, which have emphasized the high
level of cohesion and traditional norms among a homogeneous community of
indigenous peoples (bonding social capital) as a success factor. This study further
identifies that for effective management of collective action, mobilization of bridging
and linking social capital are equally important as they do not only help mobilize
external resources but, at times, also promote bonding social capital.
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