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000037962 245__ $$aU.S.-Canadian Tomato Wars: An Economist Tries to Make Sense Out of Recent Antidumping Suits
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000037962 520__ $$aU.S. growers filed an antidumping case against Canadian growers of greenhouse-grown tomatoes, alleging that U.S. growers were being injured, or threatened with material injury, by imports from Canada.  The U.S. Department of Commerce determined that imports of greenhouse-grown tomatoes were being sold in U.S. markets at less than fair market value.  The U.S. International Trade Commission determined the “like product” to be all fresh market tomatoes, concluding the domestic industry was not materially injured.  Anecdotal evidence used by the Commission Department in determining like product ignores the wealth of knowledge that economics can add.  An economic model is proposed for purposes of determining like product.
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