Perspectives on 21st Century Agriculture: A Tribute to Walter J. Armbruster

Table of Contents: The enduring legacy of Farm Foundation, by David P. Ernstes; Passing the torch: The generational transition for nonadvocacy public education and outreach, by Otto C. Doering III; Collaboration and institutional innovation, by Mark A. Edelman; The alternatives-consequences approach, by Harold M. Harris; Role of Farm Foundation in policy education, by Charles W. Stenholm; Enhancing small and minority farm profitability and rural community viability through new partnerships, by Walter A. Hill; Will Extension be relevant in the 21st Century? by Edward G. Smith and Roland D. Smith; U.S. agricultural research and technology policy for the 21st Century, by Julian M. Alston and Philip G. Pardey; Agricultural research and extension policy in retrospect: implications for the future, by Kenneth R. Farrell, John E. Lee, Duane C. Acker and Ronald D. Knutson; In search of economic answers to evolving agrifood issues, by Janet E. Perry; Dynamics of change in agriculture and land grant universities, by Michael V. Martin; Public policy and public engagement: the role of Purdue University, by Victor L. Lechtenberg and John D. Hardin, Jr.; A survey of the policy landscape affecting food and agriculture, by J.B. Penn; Agriculture, food systems, rural communities, and the global marketplace: contradictions and complementarities, by Emery N. Castle; U.S. biofuels: interaction and outlook for agriculture, by Joe L. Outlaw, Luis A. Riberia, Henry L. Bryant and James W. Richardson; U.S. farm policy at a crossroads, by Carl R. Zulauf; The green payment debate: alternative paradigms and resulting tradeoffs, by Sandra S. Batie and David B. Schweikhardt; Incidence of government subsidies and U.S. farm households, by Allen W. Gray and Roman Keeney; From George to George: the relationship between farmers and government, by Barry L. Flinchbaugh; Changing attitudes toward U.S. farm policy, by Ralph E. Grossi; My role in agricultural policy, by Daniel R. Glickman; Creative and entrepreneurial economics: fact or fiction in rural America, by Lionel J. Beaulieu and Stephan J. Goetz; Mobilizing internal and external resources for rural community development, by Cornelia B. Flora, Corry Bredendahl and Susan Fey; Revitalizing rural communities: agricultural producers' emerging role in public and private innovation, by Dawn D. Thilmany and Phil Watson; Globalization: 21st Century agricultural trade and development, by M. Darren Hudson; Increasing the competitiveness of North American agriculture by strengthening NAFTA, by Ronald D. Knutson; Increasing the competitiveness of Mexican agriculture, by Jeffery M. Jones, Rene F. Ochoa and Pablo Sherwell; Vertical integration in future global agrifood supply chains, by Thomas L. Sporleder, Peter D. Goldsmith and Jean Cordier; Policy for GM food: why is it so hard to agree?, by Michele M. Veeman; The road to whole farm programming in Canada, by Douglas D. Hedley; The future of the North American livestock industry: challenges and opportunities, by Michael D. Boehlje; Cooperatives in the 21st Century: challenges and opportunities, Robert A. Cropp; How bioenergy could change land ownership and values, by Michael D. Duffy

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Ernstes, David P.
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