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000027386 520__ $$aThe study identifies differences in consumer characteristics and the selection of the type of a retail outlet in pecan purchases. Within the framework of utility maximization, an empirical model is specified and estimated using multinomial logit. The estimation is based on data collected through a nationwide survey. Calculated marginal probabilities show the importance of age, household income, and household size among the important consumer characteristics that influence the selection of a retail outlet. Employment and the timing of pecan purchases also influence the use of a specific type of retail outlet. In particular, mail-order purchases are made by older persons with higher incomes and larger households in comparison to purchases at grocery stores or other outlets. The study provides knowledge needed to improve marketing strategies for different outlets and suggests that various strategies can be developed to reach different groups of pecan buyers by type of retail outlet.
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000027386 700__ $$aFlorkowski, Wojciech J.
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000027386 700__ $$aHuang, Chung L.
000027386 773__ $$dJuly 1999$$jVolume 30$$kNumber 2$$o43$$q34$$tJournal of Food Distribution Research
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