Buybacks of domestic debt in public debt management

In the model a …scal stabilisation is announced under asymmetry of information between the government and the private investors. The government could be of two types: a dry type and a wet type, according to the amount of spending cuts it decides to make. Private investors may thus lack con…dence in the stabilisation program and interest rates would be too high, re‡ecting this lack of credibility. A dry type which has to …nance new spending may want to signal its resolution (type) in order to lower its interest costs and one way to do that would be to repurchase a fraction of the outstanding debt. The wet type could also decide to buyback some of its debt in order to pretend to be a dry type and to (possibly) lower its interest payments. It is showed that a critical amount of buyback exists such that the two types could beseparated.

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Oct 25 2000
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Working or Discussion Paper
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E62; G28

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