Rolnictwo w arabskich monarchiach Zatoki Perskiej: główne problemy i tendencje

The article elaborates on key problems and trends as well as constraints and opportunities which are observed in the agriculture of the Persian Gulf monarchies of: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Author tackles such problems as the influence of climate and geographic conditions on the development of agriculture in the above-mentioned states or the importance of water and land scarcity as limiting factors. The solutions which aim at minimizing negative effects of these factors are also included in the analysis. In the following sections of the article the Author describes the structure of agricultural land and the structure of agricultural production in the Gulf monarchies. Bearing in mind that agriculture should focus not only on its commercial function and economic dimension, the Author also pays much attention to its social and political aspects – which are important from both the perspective of the state policy as well as the daily life of its citizens. Due to the fact that all the monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula face food security problems, the relations between the agricultural production and food security are also the subject of the analysis. From the point of view of the Author, all the above-mentioned questions are of key importance for the agriculture of the GCC states.

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Agriculture in the Persian Gulf Monarchies: Key Problems and Trends
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Journal Article
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Village and Agriculture (Wieś i Rolnictwo), Number 4, 175
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