Motivating Factors and Determinants of Job Satisfaction among Poultry Workers in Yewa Division of Ogun State, Nigeria

This study assesses the motivating factors and determinants of job satisfaction among workers of poultry farms in Yewa Division of Ogun State, Nigeria. Primary data were collected from 60 poultry workers across 20 poultry farms through a multistage sampling procedure. The data were analysed descriptively and Probit modelling. Results indicate that the mean age of the workers was 34years implying most workers are still in their active age. The mean years of school of 10 years suggest low educational level and the average staff strength of the poultry farms of 8 indicates that poultry farms in the study area are operated on small scale. The important motivating factors among poultry workers include high remuneration, promotion, adequate supervision, new task, staff bus, clean environment, good working condition and staff training, respectively while job satisfaction are determined by number of hours work per day, availability of adequate working tools and desire job. The study concludes that poultry workers are motivated mostly by extrinsic factors which when addressed could increase job satisfaction and workers’ productivity.

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Oct 01 2016
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Journal Article
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Nigerian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 06, Number 1
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