Методичні підходи до визначення сутності та класифікації страхування

The article defines different methodological approaches to the essence of insurance. Insurance is a special type of economic activity in the process of which an insurance fund is created, from which, in the event of an insured event provided for by law or contract, payments to policyholders are made. In a market economy, insurance is, on the one hand, a means of protecting business and the well-being of people, and on the other – a kind of entrepreneurial activity that generates profit. The basis for the classification of insurance is the discrepancy: in the areas of insurance companies, in approaches to providing insurance protection of property interests of legal and natural persons, as well as in determining the objects of insurance and in the forms of its conduct. Classification of types of insurance is carried out on a historical, legal and economic basis. The emphasis was placed on the importance and necessity of insurance protection for economic entities from various unfavorable consequences of actions of devastating phenomena from the standpoint of various aspects. The need for insurance protection is due to the desire to limit both tangible and intangible losses associated with certain risks. Today insurance is one of the most important sectors of the economy for any country, because thanks of insurance, pressure on the expenditure part of the budget is reduced for damages. Insurance also contributes to attracting investment funds into the economy, solving social problems in society.

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Methodical approaches to determination of essence and classification of insurance
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Dec 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, Volume 3, Number 4
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Q00; Q14; G22

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