Методичні засади фастплант-технологій швидкого виробництва нішевих культур

Conceptual ideas and methodical approaches to the creation of fastplant-technologies for a rapid development and production of niche cultures are formulated in the article for the first time, specifics of their adaptation to the market conditions, adaptation to the conditions of implementation in the system of artificial modular productions placed on the scientific and production basis of cluster unions of the production of competitive niche products. The principles of selecting the components of the fastplant-system, the designation of elements of the modular design of co-production of niche cultures are given. The features of fastplant-technologies, their structure, methodical recommendations for scientific institutions, in relation to the formation of the commercial type technological proposals for introduction into innovative and investment-active segments of the niche market are determined. In this paper the terminology regarding to the concepts definitions of niche cultures, niche products, niche market, results of testing and analysis methods development and forecasting a niche cultures (products) market, creation of a production self-regulation that depends on commercial conditions, social needs state and society based on a market private partnership market system. The seasonal fluctuations of demand for niche crops are analyzed, in this connection the principles of creation a market-oriented technologies and mobile production complexes, which provide conditions for a rapid response to the market demand fluctuations and the deployment of production in the required volumes and quality in the short windows of the off-season, are proposed. It is proved that the main problem of the fastplant-technology creation is that the outgoing scientific developments, which are transforming into selection-technological and industrial innovations, have a low coefficient of a commercial ability. Scientific institutions mostly do not possess market-oriented process methods of creation and promotion competitive scientific and innovative products to consumers. Innovations developed by consulting companies are more adapted to the harsh market conditions, and therefore more understandable to agribusiness. The research presents methodical approaches and regulatory and organizational tools for the preparation of commercial proposals by scientific institutions, on the basis of which the fastplant-technology is created and projects of their use in the science-intensive niche business.

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Methodical bases of fastplant-technologies for the fast production of niche cultures
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Dec 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, Volume 3, Number 4
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O32; Q16

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