Study on the Distribution and Community Characteristics of the Endangered Plant Picea neoveitchii Mast. in Hubei Province

In this paper, the geographical distribution, community characteristics and DBH class structure of Picea neoveitchii Mast. population were investigated and analyzed by systematical and ecological approaches. In addition, the endangered mechanism and the protection measures were put forward by analyzing the Picea neoveitchii Mast. resource distribution in Hubei Province to provide effective scientific basis for further research. The results showed that Picea neoveitchii Mast. was found in Baokang, Enshi, Shennongjia and Zhuxi of Hubei Province, there were 9 distribution points and only a wild forest was found in Baokang. The community of Baokang County was not rich in species composition and 32 species, 29 genera and 21 families were examined. Meanwhile, temperate zone was the main flora element of this community, the phaenerophytes plant was most dominant and there were few hemicryptophytes and it lacked therophytes. In this community, Picea neoveitchii Mast. was in a dominant position, including lots of treelets, so the age structure of the population was growing.

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Sep 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 09, Issue 09
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