Comparison of Agriculture Biotechnology and its Spatial Diversification among Different Countries of the World

The importance of biotech crops have risen dramatically in the last two decades since their first commercialization. The area of those crops is increasing fast. Soybeans, maize, canola and cotton represent almost 100 percent of area cultivated with biotech crops globally. The number of countries growing biotech crops is also increasing, however currently the United States, Brazil and Argentina are responsible for the largest share of biotech crops among all countries. In 2016, those countries accounted for more than 81% of total world biotech crop area. Judging the potential to introduce new biotechnology, currently the country with the highest number of biotechnology companies is the US followed by Spain and France. In terms of spending on R&D the US is followed by France, Switzerland and South Korea. It must be noted that the highest number of biotech companies and the highest spending is concentrated in the US. Agricultural biotechnology constitute only a small percentage of all biotechnology R&D expenditures.

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Dec 31 2017
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Journal Article
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Problems of World Agriculture / Problemy Rolnictwa Światowego, Volume 17, Number 32, Part 4
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O13; Q16
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