Have High-Intensity Sweeteners Reached Their Peak?

H igh-intensity-also called low-calorie or artificialsweeteners are increasi~ gly being used in a wide range of "diet'' foods and beverages. In fact, their growth has firmly established them as a third major sweetener option, along with sugar and com sweeteners. The high-intensity sweeteners approved for use in the U.S. food supply are aspartame, saccharin, and acesulfame-K (see box on these leading products). Other high-intensity sw~eteners---sucralose and alitame-have approval petitions pending before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Prospects are strong that these sweeteners---and possibly some additional ones-will continue to expand both in their total level of use and in the variety of foods and beverages they sweeten. Soft drinks and fountain syrups combined are by far the leading use of high-intensity sweeteners. Tabletop use is second in importance. Other products containing high-intensity sweeteners include powdered gelatin desserts, canned fruit, ice cream and similar dairy products, confectionery, and chewing gum.

Issue Date:
Sep 09 1993
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Journal Article
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Food Review: The Magazine of Food Economics, Volume 16, Issue 3
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