Record Keeping Among Small Farmers in Barbados

This study was undertaken to determine the characteristics of record keepers and non-record keepers among small farmers in Barbados. This analysis is based on a random sample of 160 small farms operating throughout the island. The study compared the characteristics of the two groups — record keepers and nonrecord keepers using chi-square analysis. The survey found that out of the 160 farmers surveyed, 57% did not keep records, while 43% kept records. The majority of those who did not keep records stated that they had no time to do so. With respect to the characteristics, the majority of the farmers surveyed fell within the 36 to 45 age group, followed by the 46 to 60 age group. There was no significant relationship between the age of the farmers and whether they kept records. The majority of farmers were part-time farmers and the results showed that there was a significant relationship between farmer status and record keeping. There was also a significant relationship between record keeping and the receipt of credit. A higher proportion of farmers who kept records had obtained credit. The more frequently used method of recording data (81%) was manual and most of these were kept on a weekly basis. A very high percentage of farmers keeping records (73%) thought that the level of benefit of record keeping was Very good'. No significant relationship was found between gender and record keeping. However, there was a significant relationship between farm size and record keeping. Farmers who owned the larger farms tended to keep records. There was also a significant relationship between farm net income and record keeping.

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Jul 09 2002
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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