Breeding of Maintainer Line and Sterile Line Brown Planthopper Resistant Rice Using Marker-assisted Selection

Guangxi common wild rice variety brown planthopper highly resistant introgression line HS204 was taken as antigen donor material, hybridization, backcrossing, and molecular marker-assisted selection methods were adopted, to select maintainer line and sterile line materials, so as to provide excellent material foundation for resistance breeding of hybrid rice. Through the marker-assisted selection, it obtained 4 pieces of homozygous resistance gene maintainer line intermediate materials (100B, 101B, 102B and 103B), and 2 pieces of resistant sterile line materials (100A and 103A). All 10 combinations that have testcross with highly resistant sterile 100A showed higher level of brown planthopper resistance: 100A/R2586, 100A/ KR838, and 100A/KR527 had high resistance level, the others had low to intermediate resistance; 100A/KR527, 100A/R2586, 100A/Minghui 63,100A/Fuhui 838 and 100A/Gui 99 combinations had yield per plant significantly higher than the control group (Teyou 7118), increasing by 14.45%-49.26%. The obtained resistant lines are expected to provide a better gene source for the breeding of resistant sterile lines of hybrid rice and the obtained resistant sterile lines can be directly used in the selection of three-line hybrid rice.

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Jul 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 09, Issue 07
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