Integrando componentes de investigación y niveles formativos en el diseño de un programa de postgrado. Caso maestría en agroempresas y agronegocios de la Universidad Técnica del Norte en Ibarra-Ecuador

The relationship between research and postgraduate in agribusiness can be associated with the production of scientific, technological and organizational knowledge. Postgraduate preparation contributes to the development of research, so it seems obvious that the components of research can be an active part of the studies plans, even from the creation or development of the curriculum of a postgraduate. This work sought to integrate components derived from the agribusiness system and a research agenda with the definition of formative modules categorized to support a postgraduate master's degree program in the field of agribusiness developed at a Technical University of Northern (UTN), Ecuador. A matrix was generated using the support of a contextual model that contributed the areas or stages of the agribusiness system, the main research lines were obtained from the research agenda in agribusiness generated in the local context and defined training modules categorized by Stokes model. The main result was the integration of training modules aligned to contextualize research components in a defined environment such as the UTN located in zone 1 of Ecuador. The elements of the matrix that by design focus on the problem in different areas of the system or sector of interest, would allow to contribute with theory and applications to the teaching material contemplated in the various topics that can configure a module training postgraduate master's degree in agribusiness.

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Integrating research components and training levels in the design of a postgraduate program. Case study in agribusiness and agribusiness of the Technical University of North in Ibarra-Ecuador.
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Journal Article
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Economía Agraria (Revista Economia Agraria), Volume 19
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