An Economic Assessment of the Impact of ICT on Performance Indicators of Water Resource Management in Africa: A Suggested Strategy for avoiding the eminent International Water War

Using data from 16 West African countries, this paper examines the links between Per Capita Income, Trade and Financial indicators, Education and Freedom indicators. Others are Internet users, Broadband and Mobile Cell phone Subscribers. Mean while Fresh Water Supply (which is assumed as a bench mark public sector-led water resource management performance indicators) and Access to Safe Drinking Water (a bench mark private sector-led water resource management performance indicators) represents indicators of water resources management. The results show that income, ICT and government trade policies influence the efficient management of cross-country water resource. Freedom indicators strongly affect water resource management performance indicators (WRMPI). Moreso, Internet Users, Broadband Subscribers, and Mobile cell phones Subscribers have a positive association with WRMPI. Contrary to wide spread expectations, education does not influence WRMPI.

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Jan 01 2015
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Journal Article
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African Journal of Economic Review, Volume 03, Number 1
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