Становлення родових садиб як основа сільського розвитку в умовах децентралізації владних повноважень

This paper describes alternative settlement as a system of socio-economic and environmental development of rural areas. It also describes the Ancestral Estate as a phenomenon of balanced self-development of territorial communities, which is widespread in Ukraine. Similarly to the condensation of vapor and dew formation, the passing of new ideas in the society’s consciousness has signs of concentration and the transition of quantitative changes to qualitative ones: the growth of accumulated energy leads to their transformation to a new qualitative basis. Therefore, promotion of social ideas implemented through the following algorithm: informative and explanatory work; the perception and acceptance of an idea by society; formation of a sustainable basis for the realized idea; systematic implementation of idea as a generally accepted by society; management and control of the process, on the part of realized idea reaches, its maximum; output of the idea to a qualitatively new level; formation of a new stage in the cycle of evolutionary ascent.

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Formation of communities ancestral estate as foundation of rural development in the context of authority decentralization
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Sep 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, Volume 3, Number 3
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Q00; Q01; O35; Р28

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