Corn Improvement Programme - Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Jamaica

Corn seed improvement in Jamaica by modern methods was initiated in the early 1940's by L. N. H. Larter who isolated a yellow segment from the widely grown Jamaica Red Corn. This yellow strain is the JSY, still the prevailing variety in the island. After the war, work was vLr tua Lly suspended until 1957 when the writer studied improvement methods with I.C.A. assistance in the U.S.A. and later in Mexico with the Rockefeller foundation Mission. In 1963, government appo:inted a part-time Consultant, Mr. F. Poey, who is associated with a Company producing tropical corn hybrids. This Division has also drawn freely on assistance willingly given by the Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Company, now operating a station in Jamaica. 1. Variety Testing - Following the usual pattern in which promising commercial and experimental material is tested against local standards. 2. Controlled Mass Selection - Recommended by the Rockefeller Foundation for application to specially prepared Composite Material with a high level of initial performance and considerable additive genetic var La nce for further improvement in yield and adaptation. 3. Inbreeding of available material - Inbreds from a wide variety of material to be used in a Hybrid programme, for Top Crosses and for preparing Synthetics. Early testing of TopCross performance. 4. Making of Twin-Eared Composite - To be used as a commercial variety if of sufficiently high performance after selection, or for crossing with other material. 5. Exploratory work with Sweet Corn - (a) Using crosses between selected tropical strains of field corn and the DR-50 Sweet Corn. (b) Selection wii:hin a Sweet Corn Composite supplied to us by Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Company. 6. Spacing and Plant-Population Trials - Following on earlier 􀀀w􀀀~􀀀r􀀀k by R. F. Innes and also recent trends abroad in which higher populations are giving promising results.

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Jul 25 1966
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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