Status of Higher Education, Science and Technology in Malawi: A focus on Agricultural Higher Education

Malawi’s demographic dividend remains low with a population that is young, comprising 46% below the age of 15. The majority of the population is involved in agriculture, which is the backbone of the economy; however, there has been limited investment, especially in agriculture higher education. There remains a big gap between higher education and development. A study was therefore undertaken to understand current status and identify challenges and opportunities in higher education, with special focus on agriculture. Literature was reviewed and the public, private sector and civil society were consulted using checklists. Findings show that Malawi has four public universities and sixteen private universities registered with the National Council for Higher Education. None of the universities is highly ranked in the global ranking systems for higher education instituons. This is as a result of limited research and publications, limited funding, poor infrastructure, non-industry oriented curriculum and compromised quality of education. Therefore, universities should intensify interaction with industry to improve research, curriculum design and delivery and graduate training and research quality. The National Council for Higher Education in Malawi and line ministry should develop a national qualifications framework, in reference to international standards, to guide and regulate quality of university programmes. Overall, the government and development partners should prioritize investing in the young generation to advance to higher education in order to reap a significant demographic dividend and foster development.

Ekwamu, Adipala
Nampala, Paul
Issue Date:
Sep 30 2016
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Journal Article
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Published in:
African Journal of Rural Development (AFJRD), Volume 1, Issue 2
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