Study on the Reform of Agricultural Supply Side Based on Food Security

In December 2015, the Central Rural Work Conference put forward the structural reform of agricultural supply side, to ensure the national food security. At present, China's grain production is increasing, the supply and demand structure of grain market is not balanced, and the ineffective supply due to the lack of market supply and demand has caused the problem of structural surplus and structural shortage. And price and quality difference of domestic and international grain is obvious, and the agricultural products in China are overstock, so the reform of agricultural supply side based on food security must be implemented. To adjust structure, reduce stock, reduce cost, increase quality, promote the primary, secondary and tertiary industries convergence will become the focus of China's agricultural supply side structural reform, and we can develop the ecological agriculture, improve the competitiveness of the grain market in price and quality, to ensure food security for the nation.

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Apr 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 09, Issue 04
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