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000258957 245__ $$aAnálise da Relação Entre Produção Agroecológica, Resiliência e Reprodução Social da Agricultura Familiar no Sertão do Araripe
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000258957 520__ $$aThis work analyzes the agroecological production in familiar front systems to prolonged drought situation, considering its ability to promote resilience as an essential requirement to maintain the productive system and the social reproduction of family farming. The issue of food security, with reference to the storage capacity and diversification of production in agroecological systems is also a source of interest for this research. Selecting as empirical reference the analysis of multiple case studies, this study examined two agroforestry systems, a productive backyard garden and an agroecological swidden, located in the hinterland of Araripe territory and advised by Caatinga. The cases were illustrative to understand the importance of technical assistance in agroecological bases to mitigate the impacts of the semi-arid region of those who live and work there. The cases were also illustrative to show that the storage of water, seeds and fodder, the diversification of production, the access to a balanced diet and the expansion of sales channels have helped the social reproduction of family farming in the context of what is discussed as coexistence policy with the semi-arid region. This debate becomes particularly relevant at a time when the northeastern semiarid region experiences the longest drought in 40 years.
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