Alternatives to low temperature and/or controlled atmosphere storage methods for improved ability of selected tropical fruits

The efficacy of calcium chloride dips on the storage ability of 'Julie' mangoes and of polyethylene film wrapping or the storage ability of 'Jaffa' oranges are reported. Ripening as determined by peel colour development and textural softening was retarded in calcium treated versus untreated 'Julie' mangoes, and an organoleptic evaluation indicated an improvement in consumer satisfaction of calcium treated fruit. Calcium chloride treatment extended the shelf life of fruits to 14 days compared to a 5 day shelf life in untreated fruit. Film wrapping retarded the commercial deterioration and fresh weight loss of 'Jaffa' oranges held at 15 °C and under ambient conditions and thus improved the storage life and marketability of fruits. Juice quality was not adversely affected by film wrapping. Despite the improvement in the commercial quality, marketability and storage life of film wrapped versus unwrapped fruits, the data indicated that storage temperature is of greater importance in the keeping quality of 'Jaffa' oranges than film wrapping in polyethylene. The longest storage life of 126 days was observed in film wrapped fruit held at 15 °C compared to a storage life of 16 days in unwrapped fruit held under ambient conditions.

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Alternatives aux températures bases et aux atmosphères controllés pour augmenter la durée de conservation de certains fruits tropicaux.
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Jul 01 1993
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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