Dwarfing plants through applied molecular biology

By applying techniques of molecular biology, scientists can genetically transform plants to reduce their size. Reduction in size is possible through the incorporation and expression of the rolC gene. The rolC gene was isolated from the Agrobaclerium rhizogenes that causes the 'hairy root' disease in plants. The product of the ro!C gene metabolizes the inactive form of cytokinin in the plant cell to an active form. The increased cellular concentration of the active form of cytokinin causes a shorter internodal length and a reduced apical dominance which increases branching. Fertile transgenic plants have been obtained with a 25% reduction in height. The development of dwarf or semidwarf fruit trees through the incorporation of the rolC gene would reduce costs associated with pruning, pest control and harvesting.

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La nanification des plantes à travers la biologie moléculaire
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Jul 01 1993
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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